🌍 11/19 Earth Purge Tracking🌍

| 2023/11/20 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Around 7 PM Eastern Time on November 19, 2023, Earth concluded the purge process of energy channels corresponding to various organs and those in the solar system, transitioning to the purge process of Earth’s visceral meridians connected to the solar system’s meridians.

With the conclusion of visceral purge, there was a notably large and rare appearance of white bands in the Schumann Resonances.

On November 19th, influenced by the intense meridian discharge, Earth’s realm regressed from “He-Ben” to “Yuan-Ben”. The average elemental balance of Earth slightly decreased from 50% to 40+. The average human consciousness (measured on a gradient from human 0-12D) remained at 3D.


👉 https://youtube.com/@ChenAwakening (cc English)