🌍 11/17 Earth Purge Tracking 🌍

| 2023/11/19 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

In the evening of November 16, 2023 EST, Earth entered a purge process involving the energy channels between the Earth’s inter-energy-body systems and those of the solar system.

Similar to humans, Earth has a total of five systems between energy bodies, each connected through three energy vortex points to the corresponding system of the solar system.

From the 16th to the 17th, Earth’s projection, purge, flow, and coordination systems were sequentially purged, with a communication system purge starting around 6 PM on November 17 EST.

On November 17, Earth’s realm elevated from “Ru-Ben” back to “Yuan-Ben”, maintaining an average elemental balance of 40+%, and human average consciousness (measured on a gradient from human 0-12D) remained at human 3D.


👉 https://youtube.com/@ChenAwakening (cc English)