🌍 Tracking Earth’s Negative Energy Release on 10/16/2023🌍

| 2023/10/16 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

In the fall of 2023, following several months of intense solar flare energy impacts, Earth entered a period of intense negative energy release, peaking in September and October.

During this time, Earth primarily released negative energies from the demon realm, monster realm, reptilian realm, and underworld realm, successively through certain energy vortex points located at lakes, islands, and similar locations. On October 16, after releasing the underworld’s negative energy of -19999S from multiple energy points, Earth’s realm transitioned from a Heng-Ben (恆本) state to a Man-Ben(满本) state, commencing the release of human realm negative energy. Simultaneously, Schumann Resonance records displayed an elevation in Earth’s realm.

Following a decrease in Earth’s realm starting in August due to underground negative energy release, it experienced a low point from the end of September to early October and is currently on the rise.

The current situation on Earth can be likened to cleaning up the trash on a carpet. With the eradication or departure of nest-dwelling pests (low-frequency creatures such as subterranean reptiles), the hidden impurities below the carpet are being exposed. It will still take some time for the miasma to dissipate before the bright days return.

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