🙋 How to Sense Frequencies 🙋‍♀️

| 2023/10/15 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

why can you perceive frequencies?

Firstly, frequencies are sensed, not seen.

Secondly, we, as humans, have an innate ability to perceive energy. For instance, some people feel difficulty breathing and discomfort in crowded, noisy places, while they feel uplifted and at peace in places with good energy. However, when someone spends a long time in places with stagnant energy or has conflicting energy in family relationships, they might lose their ability to perceive energy.

Furthermore, as the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras stated, “Numbers rule the universe” . During the previous civilization, the time of Atlantis, many people, due to their higher consciousness and realms, and their healthy energy bodies, possessed gifts or abilities like “qualitative inquiry talent(量察通)”. When we have such a gift, we can perceive the frequencies of all things and acquire information through our own consciousness or chakras.

In the present day, for the sake of stabilizing the matrix, the Earth’s energy has been artificially suppressed for a long time. As a result, many people’s energy bodies have been contaminated and depleted, making it difficult for their innate abilities to activate. If everyone perseveres in using our channel’s meditation to cleanse themselves, elevate their consciousness and energy bodies, stay away from unhealthy environments and relationships, they can regain these human gifts like “qualitative inquiry talent (量察通)”



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