💡How To Identify Andara Crystals💡

| 2023/05/27 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Andara crystals are high-vibration minerals from mountain areas such as north California. Their name in the higher dimensions is Tian Ying (heaven crystal). They actually come from solidified dead ancient high-frequency fungi on Earth. They are also formed by high-dimensional souls descending onto the Earth to boost the frequency of the planet.

Most of the so-called Andara crystals in the market are virtually ordinary natural glass or volcano glaze, carrying much lower energy than the real ones.

People who have a special gift of energy perception (Liang Cha Tong) can tell their differences.

👆If you have developed such a gift, perceive the Andara crystals for a vibration frequency at 7723 Hz, planet code of 77 and a spiritual realm of “Kong” or void.

👆Else, you can follow the instructions below and try to resonate with your inner consciousness. “Resonate my consciousness with this mineral”. Then feel your heart chakra or other parts of your body. A soothing and comfortable feeling, or a numbing and warm one in the heart chakra and shoulders, would likely indicate the rock is a real Andara crystal.

After all, most of the fake ones are just glass, rarely giving any response.

Your senses will be enhanced and chakras will be cleansed through frequent meditations and downloading light of Luo Cheng (tangerine orange) to your energy body.

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