Untolded History: Weird Diseases 3 : Suicidal Bipolar Disorder

| 2023/01/07 | Awakened Mind, Seminars


  • 🌟 Was it Soulmate’s love that deeply attached Echo Chen and her husband Jose?
  • 🌟 Why Luobin Wang turned down Echo’s love?
  • 🌟 What caused Echo to take her own life?
  • 🌟 Mysterious suicides of famous writers Ernest Hemingway and Virginia Woolf
  • 🌟 Is bipolar disorder a family disease?
  • 🌟What‘s the simple way to heal bipolar disorder?

“Weird Diseases” series

  1. The Sleepwalking Murderer https://youtu.be/XZzHUw-bReU
  2. Epilepsy Genius https://youtu.be/D_eddj0rqdA
  3. Suicidal Bipolar Disorder https://youtu.be/BjvrDJ8H_ms