Untold History: Weird Diseases 1: The Sleepwalking MurdererUNTOLDED HISTORY: 

| 2022/12/10 | Awakened Mind, Seminars


  • 🌟 How did the killer of a 1845 Boston murder get away for sleepwalking?
  • 🌟 Are sleepwalking, sleep apnea, narcolepsy and other sleep disorders related to black magic?
  • 🌟 Steal-thought (Napster) black magic that affects souls for many lifetimes
  • 🌟 Origin of sleep disorders in the family 🌟 Why do families of bad karmic relationships have a high occurrence of sleep disorders?
  • 🌟 How to heal sleep problems such as sleepwalking?


  1. The Sleepwalking Murderer https://youtu.be/XZzHUw-bReU
  2. Epilepsy Genius https://youtu.be/D_eddj0rqdA
  3. Suicidal Bipolar Disorder https://youtu.be/BjvrDJ8H_ms