🎭Katy Perry:Mystery of ”Eye Paralysis“🎭

| 2022/12/09 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Katy Perry, the idol of American music, was captured uncontrollably closing her right eye at a concert in Las Vegas. It looks weird that she tried to open her right eye many times, but soon the eyelid closed again.

For those who can read frequency, it’s not difficult to tell that the ”Katy“ at the concert is not the real one, but a clone. The weird ”eye paralysis“ is actually a clone malfunction.

To pursue further success in career she joined the Illuminati in 2014, allowing herself to be cloned, moreover, possessed and mind-controlled by a type-I Vril reptilian.

In one competition of American Idol 2018, as one the referees, she actually performed her “hidden skill” publicly- as in the attached video, she bulged her jaw up and down like a frog. The audience was scared by her extremely weird performance which actually came from the spiritual attachment possessed her, however, herself seemed to have no idea.

For those obsessed in chasing success in three-dimensional world, disasters come along with devil’s deal.

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