The Tweet from Elon Musk on Russia-Ukraine War

| 2022/11/26 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Days ago Ellen Musk, the world’s top billionaire, got derided for his tweet about the Russia-Ukraine war from Mr. Hu Xijin, the head propagandist of Chinese Communist Party. Mr. Hu noted to Musk “he will be taught a lesson”, while Musk fired back in Chinese which was interpreted as a mock to Mr. Hu for his idleness and powerlessness.

The reply “Man with hands in his pocket feels cocky all day” is supposed to be a word-for-word translation of a Chinese idiom which attributes to the Weizi from the Analects of Confucius “You are without toiled four limbs and not able to distinguish five grains. Who is your master?” meaning “I am too busy to even rest my limbs, however, can’t manage my crops. Who care about your master?” It implies that Mr. Hu is doing nothing but shooting the breeze.

Upon Hu’s malarkey that have become universal jokes, people can’t help wondering what’s wrong with him. In fact his gossip mistress and himself formed a deluding arrogance, a counteracting relationship in which both parties fall into hubris. It also brought him a mad nest, an extremely madness in the extent of energy. Lacking for judgment in interaction with others Mr. Hu acts as a foolish swagger. Without a lift up in the consciousness, it will be Mr. Hu himself that will be taught a lesson.

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