Mystery Of The Fall Of A Former Taiwan Legislator

| 2022/11/26 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Huang Yijiao, a former legislator of Taiwan, fell off a building and died on Oct 17th evening, arousing public opinion, where his past love histories also become a topic of discussion. At that time, it was publicly exposed that he went into a love triangle with the senior media person Zhou Yukou and celebrity He Liling, which became the famous ”bao bao incident“. His fall from a building actually had a lot to do with this triangle.

Huang Yijiao and his two ex-girlfriends are all conflicting energies derived dangerous relationships. Even his ex-wife, Zheng Chunyue, is a negative karma relationship. This is the sadness of being confused by the matrix, unable to know his real soul partner, and always falling into evil fate.

After the relationships ended, because it was not cut completely, under the continued energy interactions, Huang Yijiao formed a high-intensity disaster nest (an energy field that gathers disasters and bad luck), and finally evolved into a tragic script of dying from falling off a building.