Japan(3) : The Imperial Succession

| 2022/11/26 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

We have mentioned in earlier posts that Japanese Emperor Naruhito and his wife had fallen consciousness (currently at a vegetative level). They now carry frequencies for tendency of danger/disaster at close to 100% due to backlash. It’s no surprise that a person of low consciousness have a higher chance to manifest imminent danger, bodily injury or bad luck.

In this regard, there is a possibility for Japan to have a new emperor in the next a few years. If this happens, who would it be?

The first legal heir to the throne is the emperor’s brother Fumihito, Crown Prince Akishino. He is a high-dimensional star-seed, carrying frequencies of blessings and longevity. This means that he is a man of respect and virtue, and is in great physical and mental health. He has his own judgment and is not easy to be deceived. Moreover, he and his wife Kiko are soulmates. The harmonious and loving energy nourishes each other.

It seems the effort paid off when his mother, Empress Michiko, made the decision to have Fumihito also receive the crown prince’s education with Emperor Toruto.

The second successor is Prince Hisahito, the son of Akishimo. He is too young to take the throne. The third successor is Prince Masahito, the uncle of the current Emperor Naruhito (87 years old).

In term of age, experience and personality, Fumihito is the most suitable for succession.

We look forward to a new political direction for the Japanese people. We hope Japanese people say goodbye to the negative energy curses such as serious “escapes”, and usher in a new era of harmony, warmth and love!

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