🎭 Death of Queen Elizabeth II:When will clones-governed world politics end?

| 2022/11/26 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Queen Elizabeth II passed away aged 96.

Before long as was announced by the Buckingham Palace on September 8th, Queen Elizabeth II was under medical supervision at Balmoral, Scotland. Doctors expressed their deep concerns over Her Majesty’s health.

Actually, the real Elizabeth II is long gone. Over the years, it was never the queen herself but a clone made in a northern Italian cloning center that showed under the spot light time and time again.

Meanwhile, videos and jokes about malfunctioning clones of American leaders like Biden, Pelosi etc. have gone viral on social media.

Watching these clumsy puppet shows, we can’t help wondering how many of the world leaders are indeed clones that merely have the vivid appearances of the real ones.

As Earth’s frequencies continue to rise, the power to remote-control clones are diminishing, causing more and more bloopers. So-called covid-19 infections or sudden accidents can be expected with the clone leaders when the malfunctioning bodies need to be replaced again. Sooner or later, they will all take final bows with their moribund masters. 🔜

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