🎉 Are you going back to Twitter? 🎉

| 2022/11/26 | Awakened Mind



🎉 Are you going back to Twitter? 🎉

On October 22, 2022, Musk changed his Twitter bio to “Chief Twit”.

Soon he posted a video of himself walking into Twitter’s headquarters carrying a sink, and wrote “Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!” (The pun with “sink”). It’s quite a bold move to walk in with this pun where rumor floating around to lay off 75% of employees.

It’s Elon’s big statement to bring changes to Twitter, with confidence about his firm stand to haul back new media from crazy left-wingers.

Musk, as reported, has until this Friday upon the court request to close the $44 billion acquisition. About 13 billion of the fund will come from banks financing. Twitter’s internal communications also show that Musk will address staff this Friday.

The Chief seems ready to take his office. The story of Twitter will begin a new chapter.

On the other hand, an open letter against Musk’s mass layoff published by Times was circulating among Twitter staff, full of bitterness and resentment, which reminds people of
similar feelings toward Trump when the present Don Quijote promised to drain the swamp when he took office in 2017.

According to Washington Post, Musk said Twitter is
“overstaffed” and over-leaning to the left-wing.

Then from the view of energy, is it wise to implement a major job-cutting? Perceiving the energy from Twitter’s headquarter building, we find its balance of elements (Yuan-Heng), a index ranging up to 100%, is less than -80%, which means the building is literally a vortex of negative energy, while in US the average balance of elements over +80%. Moreover, the building has over 90% of system virus, surrounding low frequency humans who are not compatible with higher frequency Earth. Conclusively we can estimate that in Twitter headquarters staffs with lower consciousness than normal humans indeed take more than 70%, which proves that Musk’s layoff ratio is accurate.

As many digital refugees who migrated to other media platforms recalled, the awful value and management of Twitter outrageously allows to deactivate accounts of the awakened so that many netizens who had posted about child trafficking or Q-drops got banned by Twitter.

Improvement of staffs’ consciousness is a stepping stone to a corporate culture upgrade. With lots of low consciousness staffs Twitter became a roadblock to the human awakening.

Digital refugees applaud Twitter for its coming renovations in which the old band will be inevitably dismissed.

Eventually the banner changed with Twitter. Would you resume your account?