Untold History : Weird Diseases 2: Epilepsy Genius

| 2022/11/17 | Awakened Mind, Seminars


  • 🌟 Is epilepsy a physical disease, a mental disease or black magic?
  • 🌟 Was Freud correct that Russian literary giant Dostoevsky’s epilepsy was related to his guilt over his father’s death?
  • 🌟 Has Dostoevsky experienced true love with a soul mate?
  • 🌟 Why did Van Gogh have a family history of epilepsy?
  • 🌟 Connections in epilepsy of Maupassant, Flaubert and Fitzgerald with bad relationships
  • 🌟 How to cure epilepsy


  1. The Sleepwalking Murderer https://youtu.be/XZzHUw-bReU
  2. Epilepsy Genius https://youtu.be/D_eddj0rqdA
  3. Suicidal Bipolar Disorder https://youtu.be/BjvrDJ8H_ms