🌕 Solar Flare in Early Winter: System Virus of The Earth Has Been Cleaned Up🌕

| 2022/11/14 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

🌕 Solar Flare in Early Winter: System Virus of The Earth Has Been Cleaned Up🌕

Solar flares came back on November 8 after the system viruses of Earth’s negative matrix were cleaned up.

About 13,600 years ago, the earth’s civilization was infiltrated and later controlled by the Draco Empire. After the handover of the matrix control for Earth, black magic was implanted in the matrix of solar system and the Earth. Lemunia and Atlantis, continents of the late human civilizations, sank into the ocean and gradually faded away in people’s memory, only leaving a legend of the great flood passing down from generation to generation.

As recorded in the documents of the secret society in Western Zhou Dynasty:

“The oracle came true,

Flourishing age withered. Great flood surged,

Sacred lands submerged.

Civilization had fallen,

For ten thousand years,

Till Zhou arises.

Aeons had passed,

Arrows of no return.”

Finally, we reached to a point that Earth frequency is boosted, and is breaking free from the Draco Empire. The old matrix hence collapsed, and system viruses that it imposed on human beings got cleansed. At 70-80% intensity, the solar flares this time feel warm and gentle.

No coincidence that solar flares showed up again this early winter during the 2022 mid-term election in United States, where the torch of awakening has been lighted up and a revival of civilization will soon be attested.




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