🌊 Lake Dongting’s Mysterious Riverbed Patterns

| 2022/11/14 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

🌊 Lake Dongting’s Mysterious Riverbed Patterns

Recently, mysterious patterns appeared on the exposed riverbed of Dongting Lake in China. It was speculated that the regular squares were relics of an ancient town or alien totems.

According to our perception, the Dongting patterns are not from our current human civilization. They have 100% energy of white magic, and is likely to be a script or a set of symbols for worship activities from the Lemunia civilization. We can further deduce, there used to be a temple of an tributary of last human civilization, Lemunia around Dongting. The temple completely got lost, sinking into the lake aeons ago.

The Lemunia civilization was an Earth tributary founded by the Dragons from “South Sea”, the Pleiades-2, before they joined the Celestials from Sirius A. It was established about 600,000 years ago, much earlier than the Atlantis civilization. When Atlantis arose, the two became superpowers as well as rivals that fought each other for ages. Eventually, they sank into the ocean one after another.


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