Evelyn De Rothschild Passed Away

| 2022/11/08 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Evelyn De Rothschild Passed Away.

Sir Evelyn Rothschild passed away, aged 91. Served as Queen Elizabeth II’s financial adviser, he was knighted by the Queen in 1989 for his contributions to banking and finance. Owing to the friendship with the Clintons he was also influential in American politics.

After stepping down from family business in 2003, Sir Evelyn founded E. L. Rothschild, a mom-and-pop trade with Mrs. Rothschild as the CEO and himself the chairman.

The wife, Lynn, from America, is Hilary Clinton’s bestie, so close that Sir Evelyn and she, his 3rd wife spent part of their honeymoon at White House in 2000 upon the invitation of the Clintons. They also backed Hilary for Clinton Foundation that was initiated by her.

Both of the couple are brain-controlled by type-I Vril reptilians as is the unique feature of Illuminati members. In
ascension of the Earth, their consciousness are not unified, and furthermore, they have fallen into vegetal souls which are much lower than normal human level. Additionally they carry 100% backlash frequency which come from their anti-humanity activities.

In a new era with Earth’s frequency boosting, the death of Sir Evelyn Rothschild marks the ending of the order sustained by the old band of the matrix.


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