🔭 Mysterious Light Beams Over Jeju Island, South Korea🔭

| 2022/11/06 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

🔭 Mysterious Light Beams Over Jeju Island, South Korea🔭

One night at the end of October 2022, dozens of bar-shaped luminous bodies appeared over Orai-dong, Jeju Si, Jeju island, South Korea. They showed up for more than 10 minutes. As per local meteorological administration, the light beams came from the high-level clouds which reflected the lure lamps of fishing boats.

The footage captured looks like a clip from a sci-fi movie, with many light beams vertically high above the land. As we can tell from the height, instead of projected into the air they were actually suspending there, hence should have nothing to do with lure lamps.

A similar phenomenon has occurred in Japan before. From the sky we perceived a vibration frequency at -600 billion Hz, which is common with spacecraft belonging to the subterranean reptilians. Besides there are also a mantis-reptilians frequency at 325.3HZ, its unique Lan Fu (fester rot) virus at -840Hz and an over 110% frequency of death amulet. Clearly the lights came from mantis-reptilians who were escaping the sub terrain because they could no longer withstand the increased frequency of the Earth.

Currently on the Earth, frequency boosted up by solar flames, reptilians almost gone, virus from reptilians rarely exists. Instead nest virus, a low frequency system virus caused by low frequency human beings, became a main threat to mankind.

We are looking forward to an Earth, no reptilians, high-frequency and more beautiful.


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