Nancy Pelosi’s Husband: assaulted with hammer 🔨

| 2022/11/04 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Nancy Pelosi’s Husband: assaulted with hammer 🔨

Recently House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s residence in San Francisco was intruded. She was away at the moment. But her 82-year-old husband, Paul Pelosi was violently assaulted with a hammer. After an in-hospital treatment, he was discharged and back home now.

Mainstream media made a large splash over the assault, blustering escalating violence in United States. They blurred the intruder, David DePape into an extreme right-wing Trump supporter, a QAnon follower, a conspiracy theorist, etc. inspite of the facts that his residence is full of left-wing symbols such as marijuana and rainbow etc., and he is a nudist according to his neighbor’s testimony.

What’s dubious, the media said David broke in through the door, however the footage on broadcast shows glass shards were outside the broken door, which is against common sense. Moreover, in his emergency call to 911, Paul identified David DePape as a friend. And the suspect, as the original local news reported, was arrested in underpants.

Many conservative celebrities such as Trump, Trump Jr. and Elon Musk, who posted to challenge the veracity of the media reports, were denounced by the left-wing media as conspiracy theorists, insensitive, shameless, etc.

Then what was the true story?

Perceiving the energy of David and Paul, we made some interesting discoveries.

💡 There’s an energy connection of sex between David and Paul, which means they have had sexual relations.

💡 David and Paul both have bisexual tendencies. They both carry a frequency of blindness of sex, which is a high-dimensional term for homosexuality, however, with intensity less than 60% it belongs to bisexuality.

💡Paul has an over 90% frequency of mistake of wisdom, which leads to his wrong judgments, plus three other notable tendency frequencies.

*Disaster of Foolishness

👉 It means that his witlessness will lead him to a severe lost or failure.

*Disaster of Diseases

👉 It means that he will have a major problem in health.

*Disaster of Sex

👉 It means that he will be affected by a scourge caused by his promiscuous sex relationship.

💡David carries “frequency of lessons”, hatred and self abandonment, which he needs to overcome so as to improve his life.

Paul also has lessons, shame and arrogance. His imprudent misbehavior, notwithstanding the backup of so many media and left-wingers, actually humiliated himself and his family. In fact it is such arrogance rooted in his special sector as the establishment that is exactly what people underprivileged like David hate.

We hope they can quickly find their way out and back to their feet again.

Nevertheless, with the consciousness leveling up, human wisdom are improving with the awakening. Mainstream media or whatever authorities should clearly understand that it brings more risks to silence people than to stem a river.