Half of Twitter’s staff was slashed starting from Friday

| 2022/11/02 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Starting from this Friday, Twitter, as reported, will slash half of its staffs.

In early November 2022 Twitter had four nests, which are vortexes of negative energy.

🌪️Foolish nest, over 90%
retaining energy of foolishness

🌪️Miasma nest, over 90%
retaining viral energy

🌪️Barren nest, over 80%
retaining energy of poverty

🌪️Disaster nest, over 60%
retaining energy of accidents

The cause of these nests are closely related to the low consciousness of Twitter’s staffs, half of which level off normal human beings.

That explains the big loss in its financial statements! 😅

Better fortune and energy could be reckoned, if Twitter would dismiss more employees with animal and vegetal souls.

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