Elon Musk – Controversial but Siding with Light

| 2022/11/01 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Years ago, when Corey Goode asserted that Elon Musk was a chose human leader assigned by the alliance in science and technology, I frowned and could not believe it. However, without enough wisdom or information about him, I at the time, chose not to criticize but keep observing.

Now that I have witnessed Musk turning white from a ”grey hat“ in my mind, I fully agreed with Corey.

We must admit that nobody is perfect, and has a few skeletons in the closet. Therefore, it’s unnecessary to narrow your view on what he said or did in the past, long before he has been awakened. After all, who can be always invulnerable? DS and the extreme left-wingers muddy and skew Musk in chorus, which I rejected to accompany.

It’s certainly not easy to have a vivid portrait of Musk, as he has been in the center of controversy for a long while. So much ostensible judgment is focused on who he dated, how much money he made and what he was wearing, while his contributions in fields of free speech, energy renovations, space technologies etc were largely ignored or criticized.

Doesn’t he resemble Trump in multiple ways? Trump, just like Musk, also switched his sides in the awakening.

As was shown in their channels, even the authentic awakened of Q-figures including Trump are encouraged by Twitter’s rennovation that was implemented by Musk.

On the other hand, two types of people seem to be struggling the most by Musk‘s acquisition of Twitter. People who lack wisdom or judgment for one. Others are extreme left-wingers or the band of old system.

To people unable to perceive energy or prosepect the future, I suggest we all act like a professional audience — sit back, eyes open and mouth shut, only judge the book until we read the entire story.

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