⚗️ Anthony Bourdain’s Mysterious Death ⚗️

| 2022/10/27 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Anthony Bourdain, a famous chef and TV host touched numerous audience by discovering amazing food, people and culture. Not long before his mysterious death, rumor had it that he planned to make a TV series about human trafficking. It turned out among the 4 fellow collaborators, 2 died shortly after, including Anthony himself.

Perhaps, all will be in plain sight about who is responsible for his death, when you look into the energy connections between him and his partners.

Both his first and second marriage are results of negative karma relationships, but his last girlfriend and him are actually soul mates from the higher dimension. From their spiritual attachments, we perceived that both were members of the Illuminati, and the girlfriend got a backlash frequency from serving them.

But it was not the romantic relationship that killed Anthony. We found a new negative karma just ahead of his death was the fatal one. It had something to do with Anthony’s big mouth about what he planned to do. It was reported that Anthony was found hanged wearing a red scarf. Consciousness already awakened at the moment, he was about to expose the dirty works of Hillary Clinton and the Illuminati, however was terminated before he could actually pull it off.

Right before his death in 2018, a negative karma relationship was formed between him and John Podesta, Hillary’s trusted confidant and the chairman of her presidential campaign. Clearly John Podesta is the middleman who directed the murder of Anthony.

In fact, the famous chef was not the only victim of Illuminati cleansing missions. Several celebrities “committed suicide” with red scarves, including Kate Spade, a famous designer who worked in Haiti with Clinton Foundation run by Hillary. It matched exposure by Q-drops where the red scarf was a symbol of execution, sealing the mouth as well as a warning others.

Podesta, in 2018, had so-called negative energy nests, which are the vortexes of negative energies. Owing to his 4 nests (mad nest, disaster nest, miasma nest, and guilt nest), he fell into a constant distortion with manic obsessiveness, frequent accidents, health issues and severe self-abandonment. He could hardly maintain his human -4D consciousness level with a Draconian soul, if it were not the time when the Earth was heavily polluted and had a rather low vibration frequency. Now that the Earth has almost completed its ascension, things have changed so much as the low-frequency reptilian souls evacuated from the Earth. With 4 nests, Podesta’s soul is left in the 3D timeline, because there are no reptilian souls to take him over.

Today, with great sorrow, we commemorate the awakened people on Earth who we lost along the way of ascension. We sincerely appreciate their effort to prevent Hillary‘s horde from getting into power, knowing that our future is becoming brighter and more beautiful because of their tireless work.

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