Untold History – The British Empire – 1 Henry VIII – the Wife Killer

| 2022/09/03 | Awakened Mind, Seminars

Henry VIII – the Wife Killer

The video is in Chinese with subtitles. Youtube can convert captions to English automatically


  • 🌟 The special ruby ring of Elizabeth I
  • 🌟 Why was Elizabeth I’s father Henry VIII known as a wife-killer?
  • 🌟 Did Henry VIII die of natural or curse?

Untold History: The British Empire

  1. Henry VIII – the Wife Killer https://youtu.be/csGmFUy5KRw
  2. Elizabeth I’s Road to Throne https://youtu.be/wGHgddJmJ-4
  3. The Virgin Queen‘s Secret Love Child https://youtu.be/L5OQb0lFBd0
  4. Elizabeth I’s True Love https://youtu.be/2hGBc9T9eeU
  5. The Ultimate Secret of the British Empire https://youtu.be/WejatSffeQ8