🍉Japan (2): Backlash Frequency with the Emperor 🍉

| 2022/08/11 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

People in the spiritual circle can tell something is off about the Japanese imperial couple energy-wise whenever they appear on screen. Both have fallen into vegetal souls, far below the consciousness level of normal people, plus they also have backlash frequency.



Is it related to the recent shooting of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe? Reading energy from their photos that were taken after death of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, like those in the end of July when Indonesian President visited Japan, we didn’t find any frequency of backlash.



But the emperor carried frequencies of three lessons, misjudgment, greed and vanity, as well as trust mistake. His wife’s consciousness level is 3D human, bearing frequencies of a lack of reasoning, greed and misjudgment.



Our preliminary conclusions are:


1️⃣Without frequency of backlash or negative karma with Abe, the royal couple’s backlash had nothing to do with Abe’s death.


2️⃣The emperor had been greedy for profit after the end of July, mistrusted someone and did inappropriate things, which caused the two to be backlashed.


So, what exactly did they do for profit? Upon a further reading, we found both of them have a frequency of Indecency Gate (wai-men) at their root chakras, which means that their plan, whatever it is, negatively impacted security, as root chakra is related to security. Their heart chakra has Astray Gate (Qi-men) frequency, which means they went astray pursuing of money, as the heart chakra is related to money.


At the same time, both the emperor and Masako have a very high frequency of Tao-Zhi, Tao-Xing (wisdom and love curse), indicating that the couple is short of money and are lack of wisdom in obtaining money through legitimate channels.


Could it be that the finances of the Japanese royal family are really difficult? We found that Princess Aiko did not wear a new crown for her coming-of-age ceremony, but borrowed someone else’s. In addition, the tea party after the ceremony was canceled. These details seem to imply financial difficulties of the royal family.


At the same time, recently, the infection rate of the new coronavirus in Japan has begun to rise again, which to the aspect of energy can be traced back to deliberate poisonings, with black magics, fester and rotten blood.


Could it be that the wealth of the royal family is related to poisoning?


It is not a blessing to his country that the emperor has frequencies of backlash and Heaven’s threat. It could start the prelude for a monarchy turmoil and set the stage for new leaders.