🍉 Japan (1): How long can the emperor’s bunting fly?🍉

| 2022/08/11 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Recently it has been quite uneasy in Japanese society. The pandemic rebounded due to intensified deliberate poisonings. Lately the conciousness of the royal family has fallen. Now the entire government resigned. As the saying goes, it never rains but pours.

The imperial couple, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, have been living rather dull married lives since their wedlock, which actually started a negative karmic relationship. Is it a signal of the declining national fortune of Japan?

It indicates no physical activities between the couple that neither Emperor Naruhito nor Empress Masako has the inbreeding mark of death, which is a frequency coming from relations between people with consciousness lower than human. Besides, Emperor Naruhito has not only a strong frequency of sexual tendency, but also multiple energy lines of sexual connections, consistent with his diversified extramarital life. Unfortunately, due to the descended consciousness, the emperor‘s sexual relationships with his lovers who have human consciousness, have produced plenty of viruses with frequency of crossbreeding mark of death, resulting in a low-efficiency physical body with a broken immune system.

The viruses of the crossbreeding mark of death are invisible to naked physical eyes. However, people with activated third eye has reported that such viruses are in the shape of long and thin winding worms in black. This sort of viruses grow with the negative energies from intercourses between people with human consciousness and those at animal or vegetal level.

The virus of crossbreeding mark of death can be diluted by sunbaths in solar flares, or be mitigated by 10% by the meditation of the magnificent lights. It cannot, however, be thoroughly eliminated. Severe infections can only be treated by inducing high-frequency light energy using special a apparatus.