🔥 The White House: 3 Killed in Heaven’s Retribution🔥

| 2022/08/05 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

On August 4, 2022, in the late afternoon of EST, a ferocious lightning strike occurred in the Lafayette Park, which sits directly across the street from the White House. 4 people were severely injured under a tree.

Much to the regret of the public, among the victims were a couple from Wisconsin, the Muellers, who were celebrating their wedding anniversary together at Washington DC. They died despite emergency treatment by U.S. Secret Service and the Park Police. In addition, a 29-year-old man also died on the spot, and a fourth victim is still under emergency care in hospital.

Was the lightning merely a coincidence which as per Q drop doesn’t exist in the world? Let’s resolve it by energy.

From the video of the event, we found it obviously a supernatural lightning, with a high-dimensional spaceship energy and an 88Hz vibration frequency of the combo light cannon which is the light energy weapon used in Heaven’s Retribution by Guardians Alliance. Besides, there were strong frequencies of monkeypox virus at -8996Hz and -8896Hz around the tree that was hit by the lightning.

From the pictures of the Muellers posted by the media, we find that both of the couple have a strong backlash frequency that comes from anti-human activities, and a vegetal soul, the bottom level of human consciousness, upper to which the next is animal soul, and the top, human soul. The Heaven’s Retribution and their backlash frequency to a large extent connected the couple with a monkeypox poisoning. Moreover, mind-controlled by certain reptilians, they are not ordinary people but members of secret societies.

Although we mourn all the lives lost, we wish more people would stand on the side of the Light and choose a better timeline.