🎆Pingtung, Taiwan: Purple Sky🎆

| 2022/08/05 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

On August 3, 2022, a strange purple sky appeared over Pingtung, Taiwan, dreamy and capturing people’s imagination.

Perceiving the purple cloud , we find frequencies of multiple spaceships belonging to the subterranean purple dragonfly reptilians, whose characters are as follows.

Space vibration frequency: – 600 billion Hz
Planet code subterranean Earth 34598
Frequency of purple dragonfly reptilians 388.3 Hz

The strong talisman energy, amulet of inevitable death, shows it has become hard to survive for the low-frequency species that is not in unified.

Actually dragonfly reptilians have a subterranean base In Pingtung, Taiwan, however, never have been seen in such swarms flying high into the sky before. Similar in part of genes to the dragonflies in the surface, dragonfly reptilians are a more mature species that was set in the sub terrane by the old archons of the Earth to suppress the Earth’s frequency.

This year with multiple Earth’s frequency boostings, a variety of unusual colorful skies appeared world-widely, which is related to the extinction of the low-frequency subterranean creatures.

We are looking forward to a high-frequency Earth with pleasant and beautiful views.