❤️‍🔥Love and Wisdom 🧠

| 2022/08/05 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

We realized many people have to deal with depressed minds and misfortune, due to their low spiritual consciousness. People who lack wisdom or unconditional love are more likely to manifest bad timelines and bad luck all around.

Unconditional love and wisdom are in line with the increased vibration frequency of the 5-dimensional Earth.

Many spiritual awakening materials emphasize the importance of unconditional love while overlooking that of wisdom, limited by matrix suppression of our intelligence and discernment.

For example, a lot of people are in negative karmic relationships without knowing it. They fail to acknowledge what they experienced was the negative entanglements of karma and sex instead of true love. A partner with low consciousness may lead to a mutual energy abrasion which may even result in incurable disease or unsafe incidents. Such people lack perception and intuition.

For a second example, many people, believe in the mainstream media falsehood or rumors exaggerating fears, binary thinking, or unreliable internet gossip. They are pessimistic and disheartened about the future and ignore hope and truth. What they lack is verification, intelligence, and reasoning in the wisdom diagram.

To give one more example, many people are blindly living a robot life in the matrix cycle, struggling to make ends meet, but never realized if they could make a slight change of thinking or their resource channels, or out-of-box self-employment, they could be better off. What they lack is intuition and creativity in wisdom.

Old souls have unconditional love by nature. But the problem often bothering star seeds volunteers is from living on Earth with low consciousness and being deeply controlled by the matrix. It is not the lack of conditional love, but the confusion, feeling lost, and helplessness that kept people down.

If we have both wisdom and unconditional love, we will be able to maintain our health physically and mentally and help the Earth enter the 5-dimension society soon.

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