🧬 The Mystery Of The American Blue People 🧬

| 2022/08/04 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

200 years ago, a “blue family” lived in the Appalachian Mountains of the United States, isolated. Many family members had amazing skin in blue, clear but cool, as a deep lake in the sunshine.

According to some British media, the ancestor of the American “blue family” was originally a French orphan, surnamed Fugate, who, in the early 19th century, trekked to the mountains of eastern Kentucky and lived an almost isolated life where there were allegedly only two families at that time. Even till now no one knows who was the first blue Fugate, however, the unusual feature, due to their inbreeding, has been inherited in the Fugate family.

It remained a mystery until in 1958 a male of the Fugate family finally came out of the mountains for a medical examination at the medical clinic of University of Kentucky. From three-dimensional medical view, they had methemoglobinemia which results in darker blood than normal and eventually made the skin look blue.

With the economy development in Kentucky, the area where the Fugate family lived is no longer isolated, and their blue skin was terminated by interbreeding.

Perceiving their soul origins, we find that the family members actually are all starseeds from Sirius A. Moreover, the blue-skinned members belong to the clan of flower, a human race that has genes from blue flowers and vibrates at 220Hz. It’s indicated that the Fugate family, to the extent of soul, was a family in which a particular clan of guardian alliance likes to reincarnate.

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