🔥 Elmo Fire in Montana, USA 🔥

| 2022/08/02 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

On July 29, 2022, a wildfire broke out in Elmo of Montana, USA. With the strong wind, the wildfire spanned about 17,000 acres.

Perceiving the Elmo Fire, we find that its elemental balance, an index up to 100%, is less than -90%. Moreover, the fire is full of strong frequencies of subterranean broom necromitons at 89.3 Hz, their characteristic Zhi Fu(scorching rot) virus at -597Hz, and an Amulet of inevitable death.

These all point to the subterranean broom necromitons that are decimated by the earth’s frequency boosting. Their substantial death or reproduction significantly consumes the Earth’s elemental balance and leads to droughts and even fires.

That‘s why so many places in the world now are hit by frequent wildfires and hot weather that rarely happened before.

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