🔥The Mystery of California Oak Fire🔥

| 2022/08/01 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Recently Oak Fire broke out near Yosemite National Park in California, burning through 20,000 acres, destroying many structures, and forcing 6,000 families to evacuate.

In response to the continuous spread of the Oak Fire, more than 3,000 personnel joined force on a 24-hour fire-fighting shift. It took days to tamp down its spread, due to the challenging terrain and abundant dry vegetation that complicated the situation.

What caused such a ferocious fire, an arson, a natural wildfire, or more mysterious, a directed-energy weapon from a spacecraft?

Our perceptions to the vibration frequencies did not find traces of black magic or light energy weapon in Mariposa County where the fire took place, ruling out the spacecraft or energy weapon theory. Secondly, we found that the elemental balance, an index up to 100%, is less than -90% at the fire-involved places. The fire is difficult to extinguish than regular fire, which made it unlikely to be caused by arson.

Then what led to the drought and fires in such a large scale as in Mariposa County? We found that Oak Fire impacted area was inhabited by a large population of low frequency sub-terrestrial creatures, so-called broom necromitons, with the following characters.

Planet Code: subterrean Earth 34598
Species Frequency: 89.3Hz
Subterranean species code: 111
Necromitons Virus: -21.3Hz

The intensity at frequencies of broom necromitons and necromitons virus were over 80% at where the Oak Fire scorched. The strong frequency of “amulet of inevitable death” in the fire indicates that there’s a mass mortality among those necromitons in the sub terrane of the area, due to the frequency boosting of the Earth. Broom necromitons in substantial death or reproduction significantly consume the Earth’s elemental balance and lead to droughts or even fires.

The archon of the old Earth system immigrated broom necromitons from other galaxies to Earth so as to suppress the Earth’s frequency, disrupt regional climate balance and cause droughts, wildfires and other natural disasters.

Through decomposition, dead bodies of the creatures can give off methane-rich gas, the natural gas that are widely used by humans.

In case of a fire caused by reproduction or death of broom necromitons, the best way to put it out is to replenish the area with needed energy and resume the elemental balance, instead of using water as usual.

The more we know about energy, the more we can help Mother Earth recover her health.