🔥 Forest Fires in Europe Related to Subterranean Necromitons🔥

| 2022/08/01 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

As reported, since the beginning of the year, the number of forest fires in European Union (EU) member nations has been almost four times the average of the same period in the past 15 years. According to data shared by program Copernicus (GMES), in EU member states, from New Year’s Day to July 23 there were 1,926 forest fires, compared to 520, the average in the same period of the year recorded from 2006 to 2021.

With persisting record heat wave, ferocious forest fires span in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, France and Germany, causing thousands of hectares of land to be scorched into ashes.

According to a statement from the Met Office, UK experienced its driest July since 1911. Also in July, over 10 days of severe heat wave killed more than 1,000 people in Portugal.

In fact, the current heat waves and forest fires in Western and Southern Europe is related to subterranean species, namely parastic broom necromitons with following characters.

Planet Code: Subterranean Earth 34598
Necromitons Frequency 89.3Hz
Subterranean species code 111
Necromitons Virus -21.3Hz

Broom necromitons in substantial death or reproduction significantly consume the Earth’s elemental balance and lead to droughts and even fires. Specifically, a fire may burst out where the elemental balance drops to -80% or lower.

This year, with multiple solar flares, boost of Earth’s frequency, and the rise of the human consciousness, low-frequency subterrestrial creatures such as broom necromiton species could no longer bear the earth environment. Consequently, their movement and death caused various extreme weathers of high temperatures and forest fires.

The best way to reduce the temperature or to reduce the fire is resume the elemental balance in the region by guiding the right type of energy.

Moreover, the high temperature is merely a transitory phenomenon during the frequency increasing and detoxing of the Earth, instead of a trend of global warming as explained by mainstream meteorologists from the matrix. The more we learn how to perceive and use energy, the closer we are to the truth.

With fewer low-frequency creatures left underground, the Earth is to enjoy more pleasant weathers in coming days.