🎆Purple Sky in Singapore🎆

| 2022/07/21 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

On July 20, 2022, purple clouds appeared in the sky of Singapore.

Singapore has occasionally seen purple sky in the past, due to underground bases of spider reptilians located in Singapore and some parts of Malaysia. When the spider reptilian spacecraft appear in large swaths, their bodies can make the sky appear a rare purple hue.

This time, the purple color is particularly rich, intense and breathtaking. Perceiving the energy in the sky, we can sense presence of multiple spider reptilian spacecraft over Singapore. It is characterized by a vibration frequency of -600 billion Hz, with spider reptilians’s biological vibration at 323.3HZ, displaying subterranean code 34598 and code 111, as well as a unique fast-rot (Su-Fu) virus carried by such creatures.

There is also an “amulet of inevitable death” associated with the sky scene. With Earth’s rapid frequency increase, many low-frequency species living underground find it difficult to survive here.

It is recommended that local residents reduce outdoor activities and strengthen spiritual cleaning when there are fast-rotten viruses around.