🐍Demonic Thoughts of Demon’s World🐍

| 2022/07/20 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

The demonic thoughts of the Demon’s world originated from the Orion galaxy, and were introduced to Earth by the archons to control the human mind using the matrix.

These types of evil thoughts are most likely to be attached to people with fallen consciousness. When a normal person resonates with people who have demon’s diseases, they will easily contract these diseases after absorbing the energy of hatred, despair, stupidity, violence and opposition.

Patients often have the frequency of Qu Zeng (Hatred Trend) and Qu Zao (Irritability Trend). They become irritable with strong rebellious minds, that cloud their judgment, make them pessimistic and depressed. Their consciousness could even fall below the level of human beings in a very short time (to animal or vegetal consciousness stage).

8 Demon Diseases
♣️Demon’s Heart: Has a binary way of thinking (either black or white, absolutely good or evil).

♣️Demon’s Lung: Interact with the rest of the world in the form of rebel or opposition, with a limited 3-D vision, and deny spiritual awakening. They demand “proof” to believe in spirituality.

♣️Demon’s Soul: The love energy of the chakra gets suppressed or shut off, distorting the human energy body to approach the consciousness of animals or below.

♣️Demon’s Meridians & Channels: A disorder of human meridians/channels that gets replaced with animal meridians, making people more low-frequency and unhealthy.

♣️Demon’s Spirit: Possessed by a soul with serious demonic disease, the mind is disturbed or even controlled by the evil mind.

♣️Demon’s Liver & Gallbladder: Human liver and gallbladder area get filled with low-frequency energy of hatred, causing organ lesions.

1️⃣ Reduce physical contact or resonance with low-frequency people, especially to avoid social media groups that label as awakening groups, but are in fact, filled with low-frequency energy, hatred, and anger. Often, many members in such groups have lost the ability to reason and have lost confidence in the global awakening.
2️⃣ Improve awareness, and learn to recognize the difference between the high-frequency energy of inclusive understanding, unconditional love and wisdom, versus the low-frequency energy of hatred, anger, despair and anxiety.
3️⃣ Reduce hatred and anger. Do not resonate with resentment and blame. If there is any bad relationship, one should cut it off decisively and immediately.
4️⃣ Use holy light to clear your mind: https://t.me/ChenmurenChannel/1060
5️⃣ Participate in group meditations with people of high consciousness, such as in the Four Seas and the Eight Wildernesses chat group, and the Terra’s Love Chat Group.

1️⃣ Raise awareness. Use meditations such as “Holy Light Twin Flame” and “Jing Guang Meditation” to enhance the energy of great love and peace.
2️⃣ Seek help from volunteers in the healing group: https://t.me/ChenmurenChannel/409