㊗️ Solar System and Earth Enter Realm of Nothingness!㊗️

| 2022/07/18 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

In July 2022, with multiple high-frequency energy points activated, its frequency further elevated, the Earth has entered the realm of Wu (nothingness)!

In the meantime, the spiritual realm of the solar system has simultaneously risen up from the realm of Xu(Void)to Wu (Nothingness)!

Recently, due to the increase of the Earth’s frequency, multiple Na Chi points have been activated, causing Shumann resonances chart frequently whitening out (high intensity). Many subterranean reptilians are desperately evacuating or fleeing elsewhere for lives, which leads to rain in many places. Meanwhile on Earth surface, lots of significant events are taking place as well, Georgia GuideStones explosion, fire in Vatican, returning of Q drops, and the assassination of Shinzo Abe…. All demonstrate the deteriorating old world system, in conflict with which a new world system is being established.

At present, human beings are at the upper level of the Ru-Yi(Like-One) realm, and soon will enter the Yuan-Yi(Rounded-One). Spurred by frequency increase of the Earth, the awakening of human beings will soon reach a new stage.

We expect the next solar flare to come in the near future!

🧘‍♀️About Spiritual Realms

🌎 The Realm of One (6 levels)
Ru-Yi (Like One)
Yuan-Yi (Rounded One or Circle One)
He-Yi (Unified One)
Heng-Yi (Constant One)
Man-Yi (Full One)
Gui-Yi (Returning One)

🌍The Realm of Void (6 levels)
Ru-Xu(Like Void)
Yuan-Xu(Rounded Void or Circle Void)
He-Xu(Unified Void)
Heng-Xu(Constant Void)
Man-Xu(Full Void)
Gui-Xu(Returning Void)

🌏The Realm of Nothingness (6 levels)
Ru-Wu(Like Nothingness)
Yuan-Wu(Rounded Nothingness or Circle Nothingness)
He-Wu(Unified Nothingness)
Heng-Wu(Constant Nothingness)
Man-Wu(Full Nothingness)
Gui-Wu(Returning Nothingness)