💥Video Released: Poisoning at The Georgia Guide Stones💥

| 2022/07/15 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

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Recently GBI(Georgia Bureau of Investigation) released a video that was believed to show the suspect who planted explosives.

In the surveillance footage, on the same day of the explosion a person set something in the center of the foot of the monument in the early morning.

“The video is unclear, but agents are still actively working to identify the person. It’s under our investigation.” said the GBI. But so far, no results yet.

Perceiving the energy of the suspect, we find that instead of an explosive-planter it’s actually a poisoner. There are two reasons.

1️⃣ No monkeypox virus frequencies (-8996 Hz or -8896Hz) were found at the monument before it was approached by the suspect, who had those frequencies in the energy field with him.

2️⃣ The suspect is a low-frequency human with a vegetal soul. When he first showed up in the surveillance video, there was no backlash frequency on him. As he was going close to the monument, the backlash frequency appeared (because he it was conducting an anti-human activity.) and gradually increased to 120%, which is the highest intensity. Blowing up a stele may not be against humanity, however, poisoning must be.

Energy tells no lies but always the truth.