👩‍❤️‍👨The Truth About Soulmates👩‍❤️‍👨

| 2022/07/14 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Soulmates refer to the souls that come from the same big soul family and have lives of relationships with mutual appreciation, nourishment and love in reincarnations.

😇 Types of Soulmates

✨Ordinary Soulmates
They often reincarnate into same family in relationships like parent-child, mentor-apprentice etc., but not necessary lovers.

✨Core Soulmates
At present they usually have been at least 30 lives of lovers in reincarnations on Earth. In contrast to general soulmates, core soulmates interact more closely in energy complementary, cleansing and connections.

😇 Soulmate Features Of Young Souls And Old Souls

✨Young souls usually have tens of soulmates each, which is more than old souls. However, being less experienced, they don’t have as much unconditional love and wisdom as old souls. For example, in a relationship a young soul desires to dominate or keep conditional rather than seek a smart settlement with high EQ, which is exhausting for both parties.

✨Old souls usually have around 9 soulmates each. Being more experienced and tolerant, they give but do not have to be rewarded in a relationship, which if found not workable, he or she tends to terminate it peacefully with blessings to each other and solve problems via unconditional love and wisdom.