🔥Globally Banned News: Heaven’s Extermination in Vatican! 🔥

| 2022/07/11 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

Original post: https://t.me/ChenmurenChannel/1722

On July 10, 2022, the sky covered with smoke that blocked the sun, the Vatican was in conflagration. Seeing the scene of thick dark smoke rolling up into the sky, hearing the news that even underground tunnels in the Vatican were in flames, many netizens couldn’t help exclaiming that the end of the world is coming.

Weirdly, on the fire that has been confirmed by local netizens and gone viral on internet globally, there’s no media reports at all. On the contrary this proves its significance.

When perceiving the fire, we can easily find that with a 99 Hz high-dimensional metro light cannon. It is another Heaven’s Extermination implemented by the spaceships belonging to the Celestrials of the Guardian Alliance. The billowing dark smokes are full of strong energies of mind-controlling black magics and monkeypox virus!

Like the Georgia guiding stones, which were blasted days ago, the Vatican, controlled by Illuminati, is one of energy vortex points where if a poison was imposed, it will quickly impact people over a vast range.

As for the Heaven’s Extermination in the Vatican, the headquarter of Satanism, its rapid spread online marks the awakening of the humans’ collective consciousness, and tolls the death knell for the satanism system as well.

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