❓White Phosphorus Munitions Or Firefly-Reptilians?🧠

| 2022/07/11 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

#Spiritual Messages

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☝️The white phosphorus munitions, as launched in clusters, look small on the top but scattered on the bottom. The firefly-reptilians mostly fall in parallel.

☝️The white phosphorus munition attacks at a high speed, while the firefly-reptilians land gradually at an idling speed.

☝️ So-called inferno, white phosphorus munitions with the extreme lethality usually can only be photographed from a distance in a long-range view. However, firefly-reptilians can hardly be captured in video unless you have a close shoot.

☝️ White phosphorus, owing to its very low ignition point, is so flammable that once in contact with oxygen it bursts into smokey yellow flames. But there’s neither violent combustion or strong smokes with Firefly-reptilians.

☝️For those capable to perceive, it is easy to tell from frequencies. White phosphorus is at -9487Hz, and firefly-reptilians at 345.3Hz also accompanied by a reptilian poison at -98.1Hz.

🧘‍♀️Tapping into our inner wisdom, we will be smart to judge rather than lost in the appearance.