🌏The Green Sky In South Dakota, USA🌎

| 2022/07/07 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

original post: https://t.me/ChenmurenChannel/1708

Following the orange sky in Spain , a shocking green sky has recently appeared in South Dakota, USA.

According to ABC and other US media, the rare and mysterious emerald green color appeared on the evening of July 5, 2022, local time, which was witnessed by many and subsequently sparked heated discussions on the Internet. Meteorologists attributed the green sky to the passing of a local thunderstorm. Hundreds of netizens shared the spectacle on social media. Enormous dark clouds rolled over the emerald sky and hailstones the size of golf balls and even tennis balls fell in the area. Many also said they had never seen a sky of this color.

Indeed what happened here? It turns out that there is a large grasshopper reptilian base underground at the junction of the three states of South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. Reading the energy in the green sky, we can sense many subterranean grasshoppers in the sky with a unique green hue. The sky has the characteristic 367.3Hz vibration frequency of the grasshopper reptilians and a subterranean creature code (34598). It also emits energies from the Amulet of Inevitable Death, which means that the reptilian species is running for their lives because of the unbearable increase in the Earth’s frequency!