🛸Mysterious Flying Object in San Diego, USA🛸

| 2022/06/30 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded


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On June 27, 2022, mysterious flying object appeared over the Pacific coast of San Diego, California, United States. Related videos became viral on social media and highlighted by local TV stations and other media.

The TV station contacted the parties related to satellite launching as well as the army and learned that neither had any relevant arrangements on that day. Some other media explained by quoting what US Coast Guard said it was the flares dropped by the navy during military exercises. What is the truth?

In fact, there are 400 UFO incidents not verified by the Army as per Pentagon’s admission in recent congressional hearings.

When perceiving the mysterious flying object in San Diego, we find that its vibration frequency is as high as 900 billion Hz, which is beyond any aircraft belonging to the Earth. It can’t be anything else but the spacecraft from the positive group as the Guardian Alliance.

We also perceive that the spacecraft has its planet code 35125 of Sirius A, and 272Hz vibration frequency of the pixies clan, one of the positive clans in the Guardian Alliance. In particular, the spaceship belongs to the Xuan Wu (black tortoise) clan, the sacred beast group of the pixies clan.

In ancient Chinese mythology, Xuan Wu is one of the four sacred beasts of heaven, depicted as the hybrid of a turtle and a snake. Since no such creatures have been seen on Earth nowadays, people speculate on the origin of such myths. Indeed, the Xuan Wu clan is mankind in a high-dimensional world. Its spaceships, while guarding humans, also help to raise up their consciousness and deprogram them from the matrix.

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