💦The Violent Storm In Many Areas Around The World Is Related To The Dynamics of Subterranean Reptilians 💦

| 2022/06/30 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

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At the end of June 2022, multiple kun-chi (坤气)points on the earth were activated, and human consciousness rose rapidly. The solar flare that lasted for several days also set Schumann resonances in a rare continuous whitening state.

Violent storms happened in many areas where negative subterranean reptilians inhabit. For example, the torrential rain in attached video came from the evacuation of subterranean mantis-reptilians, with specific Lan-fu (fester-rot烂腐 ) virus from mantis-reptilians, and a frequency of Amulet of inevitable death pointing to an impending death.

Upon the deliberate arrangement by the archon of the old matrix, the subterranean of many places where human live are full of low-frequency reptilian groups whose viruses were repeatedly used to cause global plagues and to retain the earth at a very low density.

When the matrix system collapses and human consciousness rises, these reptilian groups are unable to sustain themselves and try to escape. Only when human beings gradually tapping into Inner Wisdom and take back the Force, then we can perceive more truths about this world!