🌟6 Lucky Gates Frequencies🌟

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🌟6 Lucky Gates Frequencies🌟

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The sign of good fortune can be prompted by the energy lines of the 6 lucky frequencies called 6 lucky gates. The presence of a lucky-gate frequency at a certain chakra indicates that a certain type of favorable situation is going to occur in the area this chakra represents.

1️⃣♥️ Gates of Smoothness (Shun-men): 91Hz. Indicates that events will be uneventful and without big hurdles in a certain area.

4 kinds of Shun-men:
•Gate of Smooth Planning: Plans will be made wisely.
•Gate of Smooth Way: the approaches taken will make things go well.
•Gate of Smooth People: you will meet colleagues or partners who can make things go well.
•Gate of Smooth Resource: You will get the right resources that can move things forward smoothly.

2️⃣♥️ Gates of Correctness (Zheng-men): 92Hz. Indicates that you will deploy appropriate methods.

4 types of correctness :
•Gate of Correct Plan: the planning part will be done correctly.
•Gate of Correct Approach: the way things are done is correct.
•Gate of Correct People: your partners or coworkers are of upright character and will do the right thing.
•Gate of Correct Resource: the resources available suit your needs.

3️⃣♥️ Gates of Straightness (Zhi-men): 94Hz. This means you will have a clear direction in a certain field, and will know where you need to be and how to get there.

4️⃣♥️ 4 Gates of Approval (Shi-men): 96Hz. This means you will receive a lot of endorsement and support in a certain field.

4 kinds of approval:
•Gate of People approval: you will get approval from a lot of people
•Gate of Government approval: you will be supported by the government
•Gate of Industry approval: to be recognized in the industry
•Gate of High-Dimension approval: you will have support from your inner wisdom and higher beings.

5️⃣♥️Gate of Safety (An men): 93Hz. Represents peace and stability in a certain field.

6️⃣♥️Gate of Teamwork (Qi-men): 95Hz. This means you will receive a lot of help in a certain area.

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