🦹🏾‍♀️6 Bad-Luck Gates Frequencies 🦹🏾‍♀️

| 2022/06/04 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

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Questions on whether a person has good or bad luck can be answered by reading the energy lines of the 6 gates of bad luck on your body. Any of these frequencies in certain chakras could be a sign of something unfavorable that is about to happen.

♣️ Gate of Straying: 51Hz
It means a person is going in the wrong way in a certain field and may be misled. Detour or start all over again.

4 Strays
1️⃣ Stray Planning: going astray in making plans
2️⃣ Stray Approach: going astray in the method
3️⃣ Stray People: meeting or partnering with the wrong people
4️⃣ Stray Resource: not workable resource or wrong resource

For example, a stray gate in the Sacral Chakra indicates the person has negative karma and will lead to an utterly painful failure.

♣️ Gate of Indecency, 52Hz
It means that the strategies and methods used in a certain field are indecent or ungodly.

4 Gates of Indecency
1️⃣ Indecent Plan: The plan is inappropriate.
2️⃣ Indecent Approach: The way to approach the target is indecent.
3️⃣ Indecent People: The people who take a part are morally ill.
4️⃣ Indecent Resource: The resource is from an abnormal channel or of bad origin.

For example, a gate of indecency in Solar Plexus Chakra indicates that credibility is not gained in a decent way. In Crown Chakra, it means decisions are not made in a decent way. In Heart Chakra, it means money is not earned in a decent way.

♣️Gates of Threat: 53Hz. It indicates potential danger in a certain area.

4 Gates of Threats
1️⃣Environmental Threat
2️⃣Social Threat
3️⃣Health Threat
4️⃣Heaven’s Threat – a life-threatening danger by arrangement or design of the higher dimension

For E.g. a gate of hazards in the Third-eye chakra indicates a fatal danger.

♣️Gate of Confusion: 54Hz: It means one will get confused and disoriented in a certain field.

♣️ Gate of Isolation: 55Hz: It means a person will be faced with loneliness in a certain field, e.g. without support, in isolation or feeling helpless.

♣️ Gates of Dispute: 56Hz: It means there may be lots of disputes to deal with in a certain area.

4 Gates of Disputes

  1. Civil disputes
  2. Official disputes
  3. General disputes
  4. God’s disputes: disapproval from higher dimensions

Example: Gate of dispute in the Crown Chakra means that there are many critics and arguments in the decision-making process, which indicates problems with judgment as well.