🤝Karmic Relationships🤝

| 2022/06/03 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded


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Karma in English means an interpersonal force of quantum entanglement generated in reincarnations. There are positive and negative karmic relationships. The positive ones may help us, while the negative ones are what we must watch out for.

1️⃣ How to recognize negative Karmic relationships

In many cases of negative Karmic relationships, hints from the soul will be given to remind people of what kind of relation by representing some experience in the past. Resonate with your soul, and your inner wisdom will judge for you.

🅰️ by communication with your soul
📞 Into inner wisdom 《Resonate with your soul》 https://t.me/ChenmurenChannel/587

🅱️ by deciphering your dreams
❓ Decipher Dreams, Part I, https://youtu.be/1uQsR5dloSE
❓ Decipher Dreams, Part II, https://youtu.be/cw-Th_-UV-g

2️⃣ Impact of negative karmic relationships

Formed in unfavorable prelife experience, a negative karmic relationship, since it is in nature retribution, will bring rotten bad luck.

🅰️ exhausting tortures in emotions

🅱️ unsuccessful business due to bad partnership with negative karmic relationships, even reputation damage, mental injuries etc. 

3️⃣ How to terminate negative karmic relationships

🅰️ Dissociate yourself from your negative karmic relationships or minimize interaction ASAP so as to diminish the quantum entanglement. 

🅱️ Increase your consciousness and unconditional love. Let go the past and forgive those who hurt you. As a result of consciousness elevation, the soul will be promoted and a better timeline could be consequently selected, in which the negative karma can be demolished. 

‼️ Find authorized people to end karmic relationships. For an urgent case, you can consult our healing group.

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