Light Warroir 101:Fortune Index

| 2022/05/31 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

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The Fortune index is on a scale of 100%. It depends on the following three factors how much you can get.

1️⃣ Personal karmic relationships
It refers to the retributive relationships generated in reincarnations between you and others.

2️⃣ Black magic and disease on your body
Black magic and disease in the nervous system, digestive system, and blood system offset your fortune the most.

📌 Nervous system cleanse by Holy Lights
📌 For digestive or blood systems cleanse, please consult our healing group.

3️⃣ Environmental energy
When cleaning a common area like a residence or a shared working space etc., it’s necessary to limit the area under your cleanse as the area that impacts me, because any bold actions may interfere with their proceedings, if there are people extremely unawakened.

📍 For those unascended in the current timeline, with a fortune index less than 10%, lots of negative events in the matrix will be automatically turned on.

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