Light Warrior 101:Black Magic Energy

| 2022/05/31 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

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Ancestry black magic is the energy function that focuses low-frequency energies at a point. Its frequency is -7337Hz.

Take the following as examples
🅰️Autism Black Magic
Indeed autism is not a natural disease. Black magic energy at -7337Hz can be perceived from children with autism.

🅱️Ancestry Black Magic
A hereditary disease in the same bloodline usually reflects an ancestry of black magic, which depending on its conditions manifests only in qualified family members with less consciousness.

How to clean?
First, the family member who was anchored by the black magic must be identified. Then root out the black magic with a specific magic artifact and clean up the rest known manifested members.

We suggest contacting our healing group if any cases.

🔔Sensing energies of white and black magic
🔔Disease and Black Magics

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