🔮The heavy rain in Taiwan is related to subterranean reptilians’ withdrawal⛈

| 2022/05/27 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

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It is extremely unusual that the torrential rain kept pouring all over Taiwan over the last several days. According to CWB, Central Weather Bureau Taiwan, heavy rainfall was forecast for various regions across Taiwan, affected by the rain front of Mei-yu season. Some areas needed to prepare for extreme weather conditions like severe thunderstorms, lightning, and gusty winds.

Reading the cloud map, we found these rains actually came from the Xisha and Zhongsha Islands in the South China Sea, where there are habitats of moth-reptilians. They are fleeing the Earth, as it became unlivable for them with increased Earth frequency.

Reading the energy of the cloud map, we also saw fleets of moth-reptilians assembling above Taiwan.

Energy Signatures:
Aircraft frequency: -600 billion Hz
Moth-reptilians frequency: 384.3 Hz
Sub-terrestrial planet: code 34598
Sub-terrestrial creatures: code 111

We suggest residents in Taiwan minimize their outdoor activities during the time, as moth-reptilians carry a -789hz extreme rot (Ji-Fu) virus, which is corrosive to human bodies and may cause various diseases. In case of any infection, Golden Light from the Source will be able to clean thoroughly.

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