👀 The truth about “Russian weapons” 💣

| 2022/05/27 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

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This is a video circulating on the Internet, said to be from western and central Ukraine, titled “Ukrainian militants have never seen this kind of Russian weapon attack.” What a sensational title! But what is the truth?

In fact, at the junction of Ukraine, Poland and Belarus, there is a large firefly reptilian base. The firefly reptilian has a vibration frequency of 345.3Hz, the subterranean planet code 34598 and the subterranean creature code 111. Similar to the fireflies on the surface, they can emit a dazzling light in the night sky.

The film captures the rare sight of firefly reptilians falling from the sky after being unable to bear the frequency of the earth, evacuating from the ground, but dying one after another.

It turned out that when the earth entered the 5D society, some people with falling consciousness will acquire “life-threatening symbols” known as “amulet of inevitable death” (-486Hz) to speed up their experience on the 5D earth so that they can go to a planet with a more matching vibration frequency to continue their soul experience. In the course of life, some low-frequency creatures will also produce the frequency of the “amulet of inevitable death” to speed up their life journey. The higher the strength of the “life amulet”, the closer the end of life is, and its maximum strength can reach 120%.

When we perceive the firefly reptilians in this video, it is not difficult to find that the strength of their life-calling amulet is as high as 120%, and the effectiveness of the average physical body is not even 1% (100% is the highest). This shows that they have reached the end of their lives!

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