Light Warrior 101:Life Index

| 2022/05/27 | Awakened Mind, World Decoded

🔢Life Index🔢

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1️⃣Life index ranges from 1000 to 1200.
2️⃣Polluted energy or negative environment may drag life index down to 1000 even for a frequent meditator.
3️⃣A life index lower than 400 should draw your attention, as it indicates a life of poor quality, possibly with the disease.
4️⃣Normally the life index is 0 for a living un-ascended whose Etheric body is too much damaged to keep its soul in the human body.

📌 How to sense life index
Connect with your higher self and decree.
Let my consciousness resonate with … (whose life index you are trying to sense). Consult inner wisdom if his or her life index is 1100 or above.

❗️A living physical body has a vibration frequency at 95 Hz, the intensity of which indicates the power of life.

Enhance your energy
🅰️ It is workable to replenish yourself with Orange Magnolia, which can also be lifesaving in an emergency.
🅱️ We suggest contacting our healing group to supply energy to others, as ordinary people are not authorized to do so.
❗️At present there’s a specific artifact authorized to our actions group, rather than a public one to boost energy for others.

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